Kamryn & Sydney are Five!

Kamryn & Sydney at Great Wolf Lodge

I can’t believe Kamryn and Sydney are five years old today!  They have really grown up over the last year.  I looked at this year’s birthday as their first milestone, so we tried to make it extra special.  Although they didn’t seem to remember, we discussed some options for their birthday a couple of months ago.  They wanted to have a party with friends, but they obviously indicated that they would love to go to Great Wolf Lodge again even if that meant skipping a “Birthday Party.”  They had so much fun in the spring, that we decided to surprise them for their birthday – and boy were they surprised!
The beginning              A little farther along.            Almost complete!Kamryn not wasting any time.          Sydney looks a little excited.             Inside their new playground.We had also been planning to get them a playground for our backyard.  I knew trying to get it done during Christmas would be difficult and practically impossible to make it a surprise.  Fortunately my Dad and Father-in-Law agreed to work on it while we were out of town at GWL.  Even though there were a couple of setbacks, they managed to have it completely finished in time for the big reveal Tuesday night.  I knew we wouldn’t be able to keep them from seeing the backyard for two more days!  So, with all the grandparents present, we showed them the completed playground and had a little cake and ice cream.Birthday Number 5                    Blowing out their candles.I sure hope they remember their 5th birthday.  If not, I have plenty of pictures to remind them. 🙂  Now to get ready for Christmas!

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