Graybeal Geneology

Granny with her children

Granny Graybeal with her children. Dad is 3rd from left in the 1st row.

My dad is very involved in our family history.  I would say he is one of the top genealogists in our family.  His database includes over 50,000 names.  The Graybeals of Ashe County, NC originated in Switzerland.   During the religious persecution of the Anabaptists in the 17th century, the Krahenbuhls along with other believers in “adult” baptism were driven out of Switzerland, some were even executed.  They migrated to Germany before later migrating to America (late 1600’s early 1700’s).  We do not yet know our original immigrant.  Our first primary evidence is the marriage record of our John Peter Graybill and Christina Wampler in 1779 in Frederick Co, MD.

Great, Great, Great, Granddaddy

Great, Great, Great Granddaddy David Graybeal

Their first child John Graybill was born in Frederick Co, MD (1780).  He never married and died and is buried in Jackson Co, OH.  From Maryland, “Peter” and Christina moved to Wythe County, VA near Rural Retreat, where Henry (abt 1781) and Peter Jr. (1783) were born.  After moving to Ashe Co, NC, the remaining children were born:  Michael Peter, Nancy Mary, Christina, Barbara, David B., Joseph, and Elizabeth.  In the early 1800’s Peter and Christina moved to Jackson Co, OH, leaving behind Henry, Peter Jr., and David–the progenitors of the Ashe County Graybeals.  Our family history is located on  You can send an e-mail to my dad for an invitation.

Below is my pedigree chart through my Great, Great Grandfather Paterson Palmer Graybeal, born February 10, 1866.

My Pedigree Chart

My Pedigree Chart

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