Duke Room Memorabilia

Below are a some slideshows showing some of my favorite Duke items.  Most of my collection can also be viewed on Photobucket.

I have been collecting sports memorabilia since I was 10 years old.  I started collecting baseball cards.  My dad would bring me home packs of cards and I would buy some when we went shopping.  During my teenage years, I started watching basketball more and really started following Duke basketball.  I started focusing on Duke memorabilia and created a Duke room in my house.  Now I can share some of my collection in my cyberspace Duke room.

My Duke collection includes sports cards, autographed items, posters, yearbooks, figures, and a piece of Cameron Indoor Stadium’s original floor.  I owe a lot of my collecting success to eBay and Bernie Schramm’s database of Duke alumni.

Favorite Duke Items

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Duke Autographed Publications

See More – Sports Illustrated | Sporting News | Other Publications

Favorite Pro Items

See More – NBA Autos | Alumni Combos

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